On october 2nd, 1998 a wonderful toy was released. Furby, made by Tiger electronics was a small animatronic toy resembling a combination of an owl, a hamster, and a cat? Despite its odd appearence, it was a smash hit! This first iteration of Furby was so well recieved that it lived on to have 8 generations, being sold until 2000. Furbys (yes, this is the proper spelling) were initially sold from 1998-2000. Following their popularity there were several more iterations: The 2005 Emoto-tronic Furby, the 2012 Furby, the 2013 Furby Boom,and the 2014 Furby Connect. Each iteration of Furby has its own unique aspects, but the fandom favorite are the classic 1998 editions. As of coding this website (september 2020) no new furbys have been announced.
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