The first step in skinning a furby is to flip them upside down. Locate the bump in the fabric under the tail (this is where the Ziptie is located.) Cut a small slit in the fabric right where the bump is.

The next thing you need to do is wedge a pair of scissors underneath the now exposed ziptie. Use the leverage to either break or loosen the ziptie enough to cut. Once broken, remove the ziptie.

Begin working the skin up and off the furby. When you get to the faceplate (the hard part on the skin that houses the face) there are several possibilities. If the faceplate is screwed on, unscrew it. If the faceplate is glued on, pull the glue off. If the face plate snaps on, just unsnap it.

Continue pulling the fur up, until you reach the ears. Most Furbys have their skin glued to the top of their head, but light tugging will break the glue off. When you reach the ears, pull the skin off as much as you can and attempt to turn the ear inside out.

The ear should be attached to the "ear bone" with a thread. Cut this thread and fully remove the skin. GOOD JOB, THE SKIN IS OFF! Hand wash in the sink with dish soap and air dry. DON'T PUT YOUR FURBY SKIN IN THE DRYER!

To put the skin back on, simply act like you're dressing your Furby up and put the skin on like a shirt over their heads. Secure the faceplate ONLY if it's screwed on or snapped on. Sew the ears onto the ear bone or put an earring through the tip of the ear and the ear bone hole to hold it in place.